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Data Guide

Below you’ll see a diagram of the process you should follow for requesting data. Use the sidebar menu to navigate through the pages of this section.

Our Data

  • Peruse our data. View the fields that our data sources contain
  • Take note. Be sure to keep track of the fields that are relevant to your research question. This will help you complete the Data Request Form.
Your Study

  • Gather Supplements. We ask that you submit supplemental materials protocols, study abstracts, grant applications, etc.) that may be helpful to our data query process.
  • Comment away. Additionally, please consider providing comments on data structure, thoughts on your research question, or specific preferences so that we can provide an analysis-ready data set.
Request Data!

  • Open request form. Navigate to our Data Request Form section. Fill in the preliminary information (name, affilitation, grant information, etc.)
  • Request fields. In the box provided, include your requested fields and the data source from which they come.
  • Upload and comment. Upload the supplemental forms you’ve gathered and provide comments that will guide our data queries.