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Zambian nurse takes mother's blood pressure
Now more than ever, the world's most pressing
health challenges know no borders.

The Institute serves as a catalyst for global collaboration,
working with partners across the University of North Carolina and around the world.

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There’s Still A Lot We Don’t Know

We have learned much about COVID-19 but there are still important questions to be answered about who is at risk for infection, how well vaccines and treatments work over time, and Long COVID, among others. Watch the video at left to learn more.


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Cindy Gay, MD, on leading COVID-19 vaccine trial; Ron Falk, MD, on participating

Michelle Floris-Moore, MD, MS, talks about impact of COVID-19 on African Americans 

Michael Herce, MD, MPH, MSc: ¿Por qué participar en un esayo clinico?



Emerging Pathogen Preparedness and Training:

Infectious Diseases and critical care experts William Fischer, MD, and David Wohl, MD, in collaboration with UNC Hospitals colleagues,will lead a Regional Emerging Special Pathogen Treatment Center funded through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response

Many courageous infectious disease specialists and other clinicians have not shied away from caring for those in need, even in the hot zones.These efforts require clever and creative work, like the kind demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic. A pop-up Respiratory Diagnosis Clinic (RDC) went up over a weekend, travel down North Carolina’s back roads took COVID testing into rural areas, and as remarkable, UNC’s state of the art Surveillance Laboratory was built in 9 weeks, becoming Carolina’s frontline defense again Covid. Now, UNC will become a regional expert in civilian biodefense, joining Emory University, as the only two RESPTCs in the Southeast. “We go into Liberia, we go into the Lassa fever unit,” said Wohl. “Billy Fischer is a world expert on Ebola management. We jumped in right away to see patients exposed to mpox. And when COVID started and people were scared, we helped, with many others, to lead the way. We know how to do this. This is what we do.”

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2018-2020 Impact Report:

Pandemic highlights Institute’s critical role

Our abbreviated report includes updates from the Institute’s global sites, stats on the breadth and impact of our work, and a look at the COVID-19 research that our faculty launched in the spring of 2020 in reaction to the pandemic.

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Now More Than Ever, Global is Local


Solving the world’s most challenging health problems.

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Cultivating the next generation of global health leaders.

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Reducing the burden of disease worldwide.

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