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The UNC Department of Radiology supports UNC Project-Malawi via educational initiatives and aims. UNC Radiology advances formal education with the aim to increase local expertise and capacity and has sponsored academic degrees for seven Malawian radiology professionals. Also, UNC Radiology contributes to a formal curriculum for the Kamuzu Central Hospital’s Department of Radiology to increase the ultrasound skills of the imaging technologists with intent to certify. Finally, UNC Radiology works with other UNC departments through UNC-Project Malawi and at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) to promote and to educate about relevant imaging appropriateness criteria at KCH.

UNC Radiology faculty and staff at Kamuzu Central Hospital

The UNC Department of Radiology has a Global Health Leadership Pathway (GHLP) for UNC radiology residents. The GHLP is a residency track with mentorship, targeted curriculum, and project integration. Structured education on global radiology, epidemiology, access implications, and related methodologies will give our residents an edge as future leaders in the field. 

For more information about the UNC Department of Radiology’s involvement with UNC Project Malawi and at Kamuzu Central Hospital, please contact Melissa Culp, M.Ed., RT(R)(MR) or Katrina McGinty, MD.