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Improving the health of Malawi through research, capacity building and care.


Our Work

Clinical Care

UNC Project clinicians support clinical care in gynecology, oncology, pediatrics, family planning and STI primary cares at Kamuzu Central Hospital and other hospitals in Lilongwe.


UNC Project Malawi serves as a center of excellence for impactful research, providing an organizing structure for research in Malawi and developing a network of independent local researchers.

Capacity Building

UNC Project-Malawi serves as a training site for competitive international fellowships such as the Fogarty Global Health Fellowship offering year-long placements to US medical and public health students and postdocs.


  • Central-Region-FB-training-2019

    A Path for Scaling Mental Health Treatment in Low-Income Countries: Results from the SHARP Trial

    Globally, mental health disorders rank as the greatest cause of disability and a leading contributor to the burden of disease. While the U.S. may struggle to meet the need for quality mental healthcare, treatment in most low- and middle-income (LMIC) countries – where 80% of those with mental illness live – is extremely limited. The … Read more

  • MentalHealth-FriendshipBench

    The Friendship Bench, Reimagining Mental Healthcare in Malawi

    A new study published in Lancet-Global Health introduces the results of a five-year trial in Malawi that tested two implementation strategies for integrating mental health with general medical care. The study includes a cost-effectiveness analysis that will help inform scale-up decisions about the relative benefits of implementing each strategy. The following introduces a case study for one of the strategies, using … Read more

  • UNC Project Malawi Utilizes Solar Power to Reduce Energy Costs

    In a commendable effort to optimize energy consumption and reduce electricity expenses, the UNC Project has recently embraced solar power as a sustainable solution. The initiative primarily targets the UNC Project Annex Building, a facility that accommodates offices, conference rooms, pathology laboratories, and cell processing laboratories. By installing a solar power system, the UNC Project aims … Read more

  • tisu-mvalo-promotion-story

    Dr. Tisu Mvalo: A ‘Homegrown’ Investigator Who Trains Learners, Cares for Young Malawians

    The analogy “give a man a fish or teach a man to fish,” demonstrates the essential role training can play in global health. When a doctor takes care of one child, that care is for one child only. But when a doctor can train other doctors to care for young patients, more children gain access … Read more


We are based on the campus of Kamuzu Central Hospital in Malawi's capital, Lilongwe.