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Associate Professor, Department of Radiology
Director, UNC Global Radiology, Department of Radiology 

Melissa Culp is a Clinical Associate Professor of Radiology and the Director of UNC Global Radiology. In 2012, Melissa founded the UNC RAD-AID Chapter, which is an academic association with RAD-AID International. From 2013 – 2020, she served on the RAD-AID management team and gained extensive global health experience in her roles as Program Manager, RAD-AID Malawi; Director, RAD-AID Technologist Program; and Vice President; Chief Operating Officer. Melissa developed and implemented best practice methodologies for global radiology program evaluation, consulted with the World Health Organization, documented the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach, and grew an invaluable network of colleagues worldwide. These experiences give her the skills, expertise, and knowledge to lead UNC Global Radiology and to advance health equity through education, collaboration, and innovation. UNC Global Radiology has programs in Kenya, Malawi, and North Carolina.



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