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Training Years: 2021 – 2022

Training Site: Wits Health Consortium (Johannesburg)

Country: South Africa

Mentors: Abigail Hatcher, PhD, M.Phil; Carla Chibwesha, MD, MSc

Title: “A Digital Health Intervention to Improve Retention in the Cervical Cancer Center Continuum in South Africa”

Program Objectives:

Aim 1: Conduct a systematic review of the literature on mHealth interventions to support linkage between cervical screening and precancer treatment in low-resource settings.
Aim 2a: Explore drivers of attrition from care among women with abnormal Pap smear results.
Hypothesis: Structural and health system barriers (e.g., inability to take time off from work and miscommunication concerning follow-up visits) drive attrition from the cervical cancer care continuum in South Africa.
Aim 2b: Pilot an mHealth intervention to improve engagement in the cervical cancer care continuum.
Hypothesis: mHealth interventions (e.g., appointment reminders and digital results communication) are acceptable to South African women attending public sector cervical cancer prevention services.

NIH Support: NCI

Masangu Mulongo