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Training Years: 2014-2015

Training Site: Cancer Institute and Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CICAMS)

Country: China

Mentors: Jennifer Smith, PhD; You-Lin Qiao, MD, PhD

Title: Prevalence of HPV, Hepatitis B, and HIV Among Rural-to-Urban Female Migrant Workers throughout China

Project Objectives:

Hypothesis: A variety of factors, including lack of sexual health education and widespread unsafe sex practices, predispose female Chinese migrants to an increased risk of HPV leading to higher prevalence of HPV within this population.


  1. Determine the prevalence of HPV in a representative sample of 250 female migrant workers in Beijing
  2. Triage HPV infected women with cytological testing and referral for treatment
  3. Survey female Chinese migrant workers to assess attitudes regarding HPV, vaccination, sexual health, and safe sex practices

NIH Support:  Fogarty scholars doctoral training award

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