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Years: 2020 – 2021

Training Site: Paramaribo Scientific Research Center, Academic Hospital

Country: Suriname

Mentors: Jeffrey Wickliffe, PhD; Wilco Zijlmans, MD, PhD

Title: “Food Safety in Association with Hg Exposure in a Sub-cohort of Pregnant Women from the Interior of Suriname”

Program Objectives: The main goal of this proposed research project is to identify the origin of Hg found in the environment and how its bioavailability influences the risk of pregnant women (and children), with regards to consumption of Hg contaminated fish.

Aim 1: Conduct isotopic Hg measurements in sediment and fish samples from three interior communities.
We hypothesize that the source for environmental Hg associated with the three selected communities will be as follows: the Hg source in Klaaskreek and Pikien Saron will be from the gold mining activities, while Hg found in environmental samples from Washabo will have natural deposits as its origin.

Aim 2: Conduct isotopic Hg measurements in hair samples from pregnant women in three Suriname interior communities.
We hypothesize that isotopic Hg signatures in hair of these women will be the same as those found in fish, and subsequently in sediment associated with the respective villages.

NIH Support: NIEHS

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