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A new study published in Lancet-Global Health introduces the results of a five-year trial in Malawi that tested two implementation strategies for integrating mental health with general medical care. The study includes a cost-effectiveness analysis that will help inform scale-up decisions about the relative benefits of implementing each strategy. The following introduces a case study for one of the strategies, using a mental health champion. Find the published study here

MentalHealth-FriendshipBenchWhen a young woman named Chimwenwe arrived at Malawi’s Kamuzu Hospital for prenatal care, she was joyful and preparing for a new baby. But she left with an unexpected HIV diagnosis. The life-altering news put her on a path to depression marked by sadness, and a dark mood interfered with daily life.

At a follow-up visit, Chimwenwe was screened for a new mental health study led by researchers with Kamuzu University of Health Sciences, the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases at the UNC School of Medicine and UNC Project-Malawi in partnership with the Malawi Ministry of Health.

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