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COVID-19 Research Response Team


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is actively working to find safe and effective ways to prevent and treat COVID-19. The button below directs to a page with the most updated information regarding clinical research studies that we currently have open to enrollment. Without you we will not find a vaccine or cure, thank you for considering taking part in such important work.

Join A Clinical Research Study

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We have two different kinds of studies:

Treatment Studies
These are studies that involve taking either a FDA-approved medication for something other than its intended purpose OR an investigational medication to safely and effectively treat a given illness or condition.
These studies typically involve:

  • Taking a medication at different time points
  • Having your blood drawn to monitor safety & your body’s response to the medication
  • Frequent check-ins with a clinician
Explore COVID-19 Treatment Trials HERE
Observational Studies
These kinds of studies DO NOT involve any sort of intervention (i.e. medication, investigational device, etc.) but rather utilize in-person or remote visits, and sample collection to gather information about a topic of interest.
These studies typically involve:

  • Surveys (either in-person or online)
  • Sample collection (i.e. blood draws, nasal swabs, etc.)
Explore COVID-19 Observational Trials HERE