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UNC faculty, students and trainees are conducting innovative research on non-communicable diseases, HIV and STIs, maternal and child health, and other global health areas. The UNC Project-China is a collaboration between the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Chinese partner organizations. UNC Project-China is directed by Joseph Tucker, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases. He can be reached at

The mission of UNC Project-China is to work collaboratively through research, teaching and service to improve the health of China and promote the University’s presence in China.

UNC-Chapel Hill has a long history of collaborative health research, service and training in China. One of the most well-known researchers of sexually transmitted infections in China, George Hatem (Ma Haide), attended UNC before emigrating to China. Dr. Hatem worked alongside Chinese public health leaders to virtually eliminate STIs, winning a Lasker Award in 1986 for his contribution to public health. The rich tradition of UNC involvement in major public health research, service and training continues today.

Henderson and Cohen in China 1980
UNC professors Gail Henderson and Myron Cohen (center, front) working in China, c. 1980.