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Meningitis B Vaccine Study

We are looking for people aged 16-35 to donate blood to research 3 times after receiving the Bexsero vaccine from their health care provider.

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Who can join

  • Aged 16-35
  • Planning to receive 2 doses of the Bexsero vaccine
  • Willing to get your blood drawn 3 times
  • Not immunocompromised

Three happy girlfriends.

What you will be asked to do

  • Be seen 3 times at the research center in the Chapel Hill North shopping center.
  • Have your blood drawn at each visit
  • Bring proof of your Bexsero vaccine
  • Answer questions about yourself and your health
  • Participants aged 16 or 17 will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the first visit

About the study

The bacteria that causes meningitis is similar to the bacteria that causes gonorrhea. After receiving the Bexsero vaccine, people develop antibodies that are specific to fighting off the bacteria that causes meningitis B. Researchers are trying to learn if those antibodies could also fight off the bacteria that causes gonorrhea. The idea is that information gained from this study could help develop a vaccine to protect people from gonorrhea.

Study compensation

Eligible participants are compensated $50 for completion of each study visit.

Get in touch

Please email us if you have any questions.


UNC IRB study # 19-0233
Principal Investigator: Joseph A. Duncan