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Full-time faculty (tenure, research, and clinical tracks) from all units at UNC are eligible to apply for funding. Junior faculty interested in new global collaborations are encouraged to submit an application. Degree-seeking students of all levels may co-apply with a faculty member who meets the eligibility requirements. Adjunct faculty, post-docs, and medical residents are not eligible for this funding opportunity.

Faculty may apply individually, together with a student, or with another faculty member from a different discipline. Typically 5-6 grants are made each year, in amounts up to $5,000 (for a single UNC applicant) or $8,000 (for two UNC co-applicants).

Review criteria

Preference is given to applications that assist faculty who are new to global health-related research and foster collaborations that have a high likelihood of generating successful external funding proposals.

Other review criteria include:

  • strength of proposal
  • interdisciplinary approach
  • likelihood of receiving future research funding for the proposed project
  • meeting the University’s commitment to innovation (putting new ideas to use for the benefit of society).

Application process

The project proposal is up to three pages, single-spaced, 11-point font, .5 inch margins, and describes:

  • the research plan to be developed;
  • a clear statement of the global health significance of the proposed plan;
  • the applicant’s current academic position and background relevant to the proposed research;
  • the nature of the partnership, if applicable (i.e. foreign collaboration faculty member(s), institution(s), and any existing linkages);
  • expected benefits such as development or reinforcement of international institutional relationships for the University; and
  • the budget, justification, and timeline.
  • Additionally, include the NIH biosketches of all researchers involved in the project, and letters of support from international collaborators as appropriate. Email as a single PDF file labeled with the applicant’s last name: Smith_EGH_2019.pdf.

Successful proposals will have clear, demonstrable benefits to global health.


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Kristin Reed
Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases