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  • Telepathology conference

    Practical Successes in Telepathology Experiences in Africa

    March 2018 – We report on how, despite limitations and challenges, real-time telepathology conferences have had a dramatic impact on diagnostic accuracy for direct patient care and have supported successful implementation of clinical trials in our setting.

  • Tamiwe, Edwards, Satish in path lab

    Lymphoma and Pathology in Sub-Saharan Africa: Current Approaches and Future Directions

    March 2018 – The care of patients with lymphoma relies heavily on accurate tissue diagnosis and classification. Lymphoma burden is increasing in sub-Saharan Africa, but diagnostic pathology services are still limited. This article summarizes lymphoma epidemiology, current diagnostic capacity, and obstacles and opportunities for improving practice in the region.

  • burkitts lymphoma slide

    Accurate Real-Time Diagnosis of Lymphoproliferative Disorders in Malawi

    September 2016 – Results of a two-year collaboration between Kamuzu Central Hospital and the University of North Carolina to establish a pathology laboratory in Lilongwe, Malawi, showing high concordance between real-time diagnoses in Malawi and final diagnoses in the US.

  • publication thumbnail

    Developing a Pathology Laboratory in Malawi

    August 2013 – Amid an increasing cancer burden and limited pathology services, a new pathology lab in Lilongwe, Malawi provides a robust platform for cancer care and research.

  • Pathology lab at UNC annex

    Building a Pathology Laboratory in Malawi

    April 2013 – We report on collaborative efforts that lead to the successful establishment of a pathology laboratory at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Malawi.