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  • Global Oncology photo

    Global Oncology

    June 2019 – This article highlights the important role of cancer care and research outside the United States, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, in furthering innovative solutions for cancer that can be applied worldwide.

  • Ending Tribalism in Global Oncology

    October 2018- Dr. Satish Gopal urges the global health community to prioritize meaningful multilateral partnerships in order to improve the coordination of patient care and research.

  • Africa photo

    Guidelines for sub-Saharan Africa: a Call for Evidence

    April 2018- Cancer care in resource-limited settings is radically different from cancer care in resource-rich settings. Drs. Painschab and Gopal comment on the urgent need for region-specific data and clinical trials to address the rising cancer burden in SSA.

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    Global Health: What’s in It for Us?

    October 2017- In this essay, Dr. Satish Gopal addresses why he provides cancer care and conducts research in Malawi, and how global health efforts benefit the United States and human health more broadly.

  • clinic activity

    Cancer Trials in sub-Saharan Africa

    July 2017- Dr. Gopal proposes a potential resource-tailored framework for cancer clinical trials and for aligning care and research in SSA.

  • Satish Gopal

    Moonshot to Malawi

    April 2016 – This opinion piece describes the disparities between cancer prevention and treatment in Malawi versus in the developed world, and questions the ethics of funding health care through academic grants.