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    Outcomes and Prognostic Factors for Malawian Women with Breast Cancer

    April 2020 – Breast cancer incidence in sub-Saharan Africa is increasing, and the region has the highest age-standardized breast cancer mortality rate worldwide. In a setting where breast cancer data are limited, our findings indicate that late stage presentation, HER2-enriched and triple-negative subtypes, and HIV coinfection were associated with mortality and were more prevalent in … Continued

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    Breast Cancer Knowledge, Behaviors, and Preferences in Malawi

    April, 2017 – Breast cancer is very common in Sub-Sahara Africa, but many misconceptions about it make early detections and treatment difficult. This study looks at what misconceptions exist and what barriers need to be addressed.

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    Experiences with Clinical Breast Exam Screening

    January 2017 – Clinical breast exams can be a valuable tool in early detection of breast cancer. This study explores the effects of a breast cancer educational talk and breast cancer screenings among women attending urban health clinics in Malawi.

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    A framework for improving early detection of breast cancer in sub-Saharan Africa

    January 2017 – Many women in sub-Saharan Africa are diagnosed with advanced-stage breast cancer. This study explores Malawian breast cancer patients’ perspectives regarding their diagnosis and ability to access care.

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    Clinical Breast Exam Screening by Trained Laywomen in Malawi

    July 2016 – To make early detection of breast cancer in Malawi possible, training laywomen to screen seems to be a viable option. 1000 examinations provide the evidence that the quality of these screening compares to screenings performed by clinicians.

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    From Community Laywomen to Breast Health Workers

    March 2016 – Description of a clinical breast exam training program administered to laywomen in Malawi. Participants who completed training demonstrated competency in conducting clinical breast exams and delivering breast cancer educational talks.

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    Breast Cancer Screening – A Perspective from Malawi

    December 2015 – Breast cancer screening with mammography for early detection of breast cancer is recommended in high-income countries, but in low- and middle income countries the risk/benefit ratio might be different.

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    Developing a Discrete Choice Experiment in Malawi: Preferences for Breast Cancer Services

    October 2015 – To implement breast cancer screening in Malawi, it is important to have information about the preferences of women concerning this service. This paper describes a discrete choice experiment, to find out what attributes are relevant for patients. Travel time, health encounter, health worker type and sex, and detection strategy were the most … Continued

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    Pathologically Confirmed Breast Cancer in Malawi

    March 2015 – Investigating the clinical profile of the most common female cancer in Africa, Malawian women with breast cancer were found to be young, have long symptom duration prior to diagnosis, and exhibit poorly differentiated tumors.