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November 2018-  Despite high burden of Kaposi sarcoma and HIV, multicentric Castleman disease is rarely reported in SSA. To supplement previous reports on MCD cases in Malawi, we describe a larger cohort of MCD patients with longer follow-up.

A Prospective Description Of HIV-Associated Multicentric Castleman Disease In Malawi

Tamiwe Tomoka, Matthew S. Painschab, Nathan D. Montgomery, Ryan Seguin, Maurice Mulenga, Bongani Kaimila, Edwards Kasonkanji, Takondwa Zuze, Richard Nyasosela, Ruth Nyirenda, Maria Chikasema, Blessings Tewete, Asekanadziwa Mtangwanika, Sarah Chiyoyola, Fred Chimzimu, Coxcilly Kampani, Yuri Fedoriw, and Satish Gopal


Access the PDF here.



MCD occurs relatively frequently in Malawi, and unlike HICs, is uniformly associated with HIV and KSHV. MCD presents significant diagnostic and treatment challenges in sub-Saharan Africa. Improved awareness, laboratory capacity, and treatments are needed to address this likely emerging and under-recognized problem, but rapid progress is achievable even in low-income country settings through sustained multidisciplinary collaboration.