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Training Years: 2015-2016

Training Site: Makerere University

Country: Uganda

Mentors: Will Checkley, MD PhD; Bruce Kirenga, MD

Title: COPD among urban and rural populations in Uganda: Assessing the role of urbanization in cohort characteristics and implementation of care

Project Objectives: To identify risk factors (tobacco smoking, biomass fuel smoke exposure, infections, urbanization) for COPD in an urban and rural cohort of patients to calculate population attributable risk of COPD due to risk factors, to examine the co-incidence of infectious diseases (HIV and TB) among patients with COPD, including evaluation of TB treatment history as well as HIV viral load and CD4 count for subgroup analysis, to evaluate enablers and barriers to COPD management in rural and urban settings, and to determine risk factors for undiagnosed COPD among urban and rural cohorts.

NIH Support:  Fogarty fellowship postdoctoral training award

Career Development Award: K23HL146946 (2019-2024) Effectiveness of Low-Dose Theophylline for the Management of Biomass-Associated COPD In Peru

Trishul Siddharthan Headshot