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Training Years: 2018-2019

Training Site: Kenema Government Hospital

Country: Sierra Leone

Mentors: John Schieffelin, MD (Tulane), Donald Grant (Kenema)

Title: Impact of Hepatitis B on the Long-Term Sequelae of Ebola Virus Disease Survivors and Lassa Fever Patients

Program Objectives: This study will test the hypothesis that the presence of co-morbid conditions, such as HBV, lead to more severe sequelae among EVD survivors and increased mortality among LF patients. The long-term goal of this project is to understand the impact of chronic HBV and other co-morbid conditions common in Sierra Leone on VHF patients.

AIM 1: Determine the prevalence of hepatitis B virus (HBV) among EVD survivors and household controls and its impact on sequelae among a cohort of survivors in Kenema, Sierra Leone. This aim will test the hypothesis that HBV infection is less common among EVD survivors as compared to uninfected controls. We will determine the prevalence of chronic HBV infection among EVD survivors and controls and identify specific sequelae that are associated with HBV infection.

AIM 2: Determine the impact of HBV on Lassa virus infection. We will test the hypothesis that chronic HBV infection is more common among hospitalized LF patients than household controls and that it is associated with increased mortality among LF patients. We will determine the prevalence of HBV infection among hospitalized LF patients and their household close contacts and compare the mortality rates among HBV surface antigen positive and negative LF patients.

NIH Support:  Fogarty fellows postdoctoral training award

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