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Training Years: 2017-2018

Training Site: University of the Witwatersrand (Wits)

Country: South Africa

Mentors: Ian Sanne, FCP(SA), FRCP(lon); Jon Juliano, MD, MSPH

Title: Pilot study of routine use of whole genome sequencing to inform treatment for drug-resistant tuberculosis in Johannesburg, South Africa

Project Objectives:

Aim 1: To compare time to initiation of appropriate therapy in a randomized trial of 50 patients with rifampicin resistant TB who will be divided into two arms: 1) standard of care drug sensitivity testing [DST] (i.e. line probe assays [LPA] and phenotypic DST) vs 2) whole genome sequencing (WGS) in addition to standard of care DST.

Aim 2: To assess the agreement between WGS genotypic DST and gold standard phenotypic DST

Aim 3: To determine the feasibility of routine WGS for DST in DR-TB patients by evaluating test turn-around time and cost as compared to current standard of care DST

NIH Support: Fogarty fellowship postdoctoral training award

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