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Training Years: 2014-2015

Training Site: UNC Project-Malawi

Country: Malawi

Mentors: Satish Gopal, MD, MPH; Mark Steinhoff, MD

Title: Assessing Viral Etiologies for Pediatric Acute Respiratory Illness (ARI) at a National Teaching Hospital in Malawi

Project Objectives: Inform future strategies for prevention and management of children presenting with ARI to KCH pediatric department.

Primary Aim: Establish the prevalence and clinical characteristics of specific viral respiratory infections for patients admitted to KCH with ARI

Primary hypothesis: Viral respiratory infections will constitute a large proportion of ARI admissions to KCH

Secondary Aims:

  1. Establish the prevalence of concomitant invasive bacterial infection (IBI) and malaria among children with ARI admitted to hospital, and examine associations with the presence or absence of respiratory viruses
  2. Compare the prevalence of viral respiratory infection among children with ARI who are HIV-infected, HIV-uninfected and HIV-exposed

NIH Support:  Fogarty fellowship postdoctoral training award

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