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Training Years: 2018-2019

Training Site: Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH)

Country: Peru

Mentors: Robert Gilman (JHU); Antonio Bernabe-Ortiz (UPCH)

Title: The Role of Tear Neuropeptides in Screening for Distal Symmetric Polyneuropathy in Type2 Diabetes

Program Objectives:

Aim 1: Assess the performance of tear film Substance P, CGRP, Neuropeptide Y, and VIP for the screening of diabetic neuropathy among type 2 diabetes patients in a resource-constrained setting

Aim 2: Correlate neuropeptide levels with severity of distal symmetrical polyneuropathy (DSPN)

Aim 3: Determine, if possible, appropriate cutoff levels of neuropeptide levels for DSPN screening

NIH Support: Fogarty scholars doctoral training award

Meera Iyengar Headshot