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Training Years: 2017-2018

Training Site: Asociacion Benefica PRISMA

Country: Peru

Mentors: William Checkley, M.D., PhDStella Hartinger, MSc, PhD 

Title: Point-of-care ultrasound for the longitudinal assessment of progression or resolution of child pneumonia

Project Objectives: We expect to find that lung ultrasound is a feasible method of evaluating disease progression in children with abnormal respiratory symptoms. We also expect that some children with discordant diagnosis do indeed progress to have ultrasound findings of pneumonia at 3-5 days, indicating utility of lung ultrasound in these cases. The data collected in this study will help inform a larger study aimed at understanding differences between clinical symptoms or chest radiography and lung ultrasound findings among children who may have pneumonia. The next step will be to conduct a phase III randomized controlled trial and determine if adding lung ultrasound to the current WHO case management algorithm has any effect on clinical outcomes.

Aim 1: Determine feasibility of conducting a follow-up to better understand the clinical evolution of discordant cases which may help guide treatment decision-making.

Aim 2: Determine if children with a discordant have a lower probability of clinical or sonographic progression than children with a concordant diagnosis.

Aim 3: Determine the proportion of cases that had worsening clinical symptoms at 3-5 days that were missed by either WHO clinical criteria or WHO-radiographic pneumonia on initial presentation, which may in turn help guide treatment decision-making.

NIH Support: Fogarty fellowship postdoctoral training award

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