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Training Years: 2016-2017

Training Site: Cancer Institute and Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CICAMS)

Country: China

Mentor: You-Lin Qiao, MD, PhD; Jennifer Smith, PhD

Title: Cohort study of HPV persistent infection and HPV genotype distribution in women in China

Project Objectives:  In this study, approximately 4000 women of the same age and geographical locations from which the future 9valent vaccine clinical trial will take place in China will be recruited. The primary objectives are to establish the incidence and persistence of HPV infection in this cohort.

Aim 1: To determine the incidence rate of HPV persistent infections in women 18-30.

Aim 2: Determine HPV persistent infection risk-predictors with which to identify high-risk populations.

Aim 3: Estimate the genotype distribution of HPV incident and persistent infections.

Aim 4: Determine the prevalence of anogential warts caused by HPV at each time point.

Aim 5: Determine the prevalence of high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions and carcinoma in situ at baseline and 18 months.

NIH Support:  Fulbright- Fogarty fellowship doctoral training award

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