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Training Years: 2016-2017

Training Site: Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ)

Country: Zambia

Mentor: Groesbeck Parham, MD; Melody Eckardt, MD, MPH

Title: A side-by-side comparison of a transvaginal colposcope to standard of care cervicography in a 50-patient pilot study on women undergoing LEEP

Project Objectives:  

Prim. To implement the transvaginal colposcope in a 50-patient pilot study at UTH. The system is intended for use with a speculum and is inexpensive, easy to use and very reliable in terms of screening for precancerous disease of the uterine cervix.

  1. Allow healthcare professionals access to the system in a clinical setting so they can provide valuable feedback on the device
  2. Comparison of transvaginal colposcopy and VIA enhanced with digital cervicography to histolopathologic results of cervical lesions obtained during loop electrical excision procedure (LEEP), which is the gold standard

iii. Assess if the transvaginal colposcope changed the decision about how a positive VIA enhanced with  digital cervicography test is treated

Sec. Assessment of provider and patient acceptance, opinions, and experiences with the system

  1. Provider survey assessment BEFORE using the transvaginal colposcope
  2. Provider survey assessment AFTER using the transvaginal colposcope

iii. Patient survey assessment AFTER screening

  1. Provider mobile survey
  2. Assessment of images by health provider per patient

Aim 1: To determine if a transvaginal digital colposcope provides equivalent images or better images than standard of care digital cervicography

Aim 2: To conduct a usability assessment through pre- and post-transvaginal colposcopy surveys that have been designed to assess health provider and patient acceptance, opinions, and experiences.

NIH Support:  Fogarty fellowship postdoctoral training award

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