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Training Years: 2021 – 2022

Training Site: University of Zambia

Country: Zambia

Mentors: Shekinah Elmore, MD, MPH; Charles Michelo, PhD, MPH, MBA

Title: “Evaluating the correlates of treatment delays for breast cancer patients in Zambia: a mixed-methods analysis”

Program Objectives:
Aim 1. Evaluate the status of the breast health care and referral system in Zambia using the Breast Health Global Initiative (BHGI) rapid situational analysis methodology. We hypothesize that there are gaps in breast health care training and human resource capacity, particularly at primary health care level.
Aim 2. Develop a prospective breast cancer patient cohort to assess the correlates of treatment delay at the Cancer Disease Hospital using the three phases of delay framework. We hypothesis that lower socioeconomic status and lower breast cancer awareness will correlate with longer median times to treatment initiation.

NIH Support: NCI

Kabisa Mwala