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Training Years: 2012-2013

Training Site: Asociacion Benefica PRISMA

Country: Peru

Mentor: Robert Gilman, MD

Title: Trypansoma cruzi or Chagas Disease & Cardiomyopathy

Project Objectives:  Biomarkers to detect early CC may reflect several steps in the development of the disease: (1) early changes in cardiac structure and function, (2) molecules released in response to declining cardiac function, (3) factors involved in cardiac pathogenesis, (4) measures of parasite load, or (5) indicators of host genetic predisposition. We propose to examine biomarkers in 4 of these categories simultaneously to allow a comprehensive assessment of their relative utility, individually and in combination

NIH Support: Fogarty fellowship postdoctoral training award, NHLBI supplement

Joeng Choi Headshot