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Training Years: 2018-2019

Training Site: UNC Project-Malawi

Country: Malawi

Mentors: Anthony Charles, MD, MPH; Satish Gopal, MD, MPH

Title: Implementation of Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Women with Symptomatic Breast Disease, and Pathological Correlation of Breast Cancer

Project Objectives:

Aim 1: Establish a regularly-scheduled surgery breast clinic for the evaluation of symptomatic breast diseases at Kamuzu Central Hospital with surgeons routinely performing clinical breast exam, subsequently performing targeted breast ultrasound for the evaluation of breast masses, and performing core needle biopsies or fine needle aspirations (FNA) for pathologic diagnosis when indicated.

Aim 2: Assess the correlation between BI-RADS ultrasonographic findings and pathology results to evaluate concordance, discordance, and accuracy. The imaging and pathologic findings are considered to be concordant when the pathologic result is among the expected list of diagnoses that accounts for the mass imaging features, and discordant when they do not agree.

NIH Support: Fogarty fellowship postdoctoral training award, NCI supplement

Headshot Jennifer Kincaid