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Training Years: 2014-2015

Training Site: Asociacion Benefica, PRISMA

Country: Peru

Mentor: Will Checkley, MD, PhD

Title:  Cardiopulmonary effects of biomass fuel exposure

Project Objectives:  To examine the effects of household air pollution (HAP) exposure on Fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD), arterial inflammation (AI) and heartrate variability (HRV). Demonstrate significant reduction in HAP with replacement of current traditional cookstoves with locally appropriate, improved models that are more efficient and are reported to have less particulate matter emissions. Compare acute change in endothelial function and HRV in participants randomized to receive improved cookstoves vs. traditional open-fire stoves and the relationship to associated changes in HAP.

Aim 1: To determine if there are differences in carotid artery intimal media thickness and in the prevalence of carotid artery plaques in participants with and without chronic HAP exposure from burning biomass fuels.

Aim 2: To perform 24-hour Holter monitoring and simultaneously measure HAP (PM2.5/CO) in the field in a group of 50 subjects to determine if there are differences in autonomic nervous system function, atrial fibrillation /ventricular fibrillation, and/or HRV in participants with and without chronic exposure to biomass fuels.

NIH Support:  Fogarty fellowship postdoctoral training award

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