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Training Years: 2013-2014

Training Site: UNC Project-China

Country: China

Mentor: Joe Tucker, MD, PhD

Title: Mental health and substance abuse in African immigrants in China

Project Objectives:

Aim 1: To determine mental health and substance use problems, risky sexual behaviors (partner concurrency, exchange partners, sex without a condom), and the social network characteristics of African migrants using qualitative methods and adapt a survey instrument to assess these constructs. Hypothesis: Discrimination will be identified as a problem that is associated with mental health and substance abuse and social network support will be identified as an influential determinant of better mental health, less substance abuse, and engaging in less risky sex.

Aim 2: To evaluate the influence of social networks on discrimination, mental health, alcohol abuse and risky sexual behavior based on a survey among a time-location sample of African migrants. Hypothesis: Social network support will moderate the relationship between discrimination and mental health and alcohol problems, and the relationship between mental health and alcohol problems on risky sexual behavior, such that those with higher levels of social network support will report lower mental health and alcohol problems and lower risky sexual behavior.

NIH Support: Fogarty fellowship postdoctoral training award

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