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Training Years: 2021 – 2022

Training Site: Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan

Country: Mexico

Mentors: Eric Dumonteil, PhD, MSc; Etienne Waleckx, PhD, MSc

Title: “Evaluation of a Novel Serological Diagnostic for Chagas Disease in Mexico”

Program Objectives:
Evaluate country-specific performance of a novel peptide-based ELISA platform for diagnosis of Chagas Disease that uses antigenic epitopes highly conserved across parasite lineages and geographic sites of origin.

Hypothesis: If antigens used in a new serological diagnostic are more conserved across T. cruzi parasite diversity than those currently used in commercial tests, then a significant improvement should be observed in serological diagnostic performance parameters compared to currently available tests in Mexico.

NIH Support: FIC-Non-AIDS

Alicia Majeau