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Left to right: Innocent Mofolo, Friday Saidi, and Mina Hosseinipour

Friday Saidi, MBBS, MMED, is first author of two papers published in 2021, that received Scientific Achievement Awards at UNC Malawi. The papers include:

Term gravid uterus in a congenital umbilical hernia: a case report, published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports. Contributing IGHID authors include: Maganizo Chagomerana, PhD, Lameck Chinula, MD, and Jennifer Tang, MD, MSCR

Combination adherence strategy to support HIV antiretroviral therapy and pre-exposure prophylaxis adherence during pregnancy and breastfeeding: protocol for a pair of pilot randomised trials, published in the British Medical Journal Open. Contributing IGHID authors include Suzanne Maman, PhD, and Benjamin Chi, MD, MSC.