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A big thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of IGHIDFest! during UNC Research Week. This was the first year that the Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases (IGHID) participated in the week long celebration of Carolina’s research and education enterprise. Our follow-up survey confirms what a recent study suggests. Interest in global health research is increasing, particularly after the outbreak of COVID-19, with predicted hot topics on the research frontier being global health governance, global health diplomacy, medical education, global health education, and antimicrobial resistance. As the engine that drives global health research at UNC and in North Carolina, IGHID is poised to lead the direction of global health research and practice through a pan-university network of partners and collaborators around the world.


Approximately 70 students, staff, trainees, and faculty registered for IGHIDFest!, three-days of lunch and learns about the pathways to global health research at UNC.

  • On Oct 11, Dr. Myron Cohen, IGHID Director, offered an introduction to the Institute and its history that started with the division of infectious diseases in the Department of Medicine. His talk highlighted key areas of research and country sites where multidisciplinary investigators are tackling the biggest global health challenges of our time. Watch the recorded video here: Discover Global Health Research. A question and answer session follows Dr. Cohen’s presentation.
  • On Oct 12, Dr. Moira Rogers, Assistant Director of IGHID’s Office of Global Health Education, celebrated MD students and their global health research experiences. Featured speakers included Jessica Gingles, Grayson Privette, Peter Said, and Khar Dieng-Diatta. Watch the recorded video here: Explore Educational Experiences in Global Health Research.
  • On Oct 13, Dr. Ben Chi, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, introduced the UJMT Fogarty Fellowship Program. Featured speakers were McNeil Ngongondo (Malawi) and Camille Morgan (DRC), both from the MD/PhD Program. Watch the recorded video here: Explore Fellowships in Global Health Research.

Thank you again to everyone who participated and attended IGHIDFest! We hope to see you again next year!
– Kim Morris, APR, Communications Manager