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fireworks-confetti-ighidfestIGHID is the research engine that drives UNC’s global health work, attracting investigators and collaborators who work together on four continents, in a reciprocal exchange of education and practice. We invite you to learn more about our organization during UNC Research Week.  IGHID Fest! will take place October 11-13. Please note registration is required.

What is IGHID?

“IGHID” is the Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases. It was established in 2007 to foster innovation in global research and education, aligned with UNC’s mission to become a leading global university. Since then, research capacity building has become intrinsic to the work we do, growing intertwined practice-academic partnerships like Project Malawi, Project China, Project Nicaragua and much more. Today, IGHID provides a pan-university framework for collaboration and access to research funding, working in over 50 countries around the globe. It is currently the second largest research organization at UNC.

What are IGHID’s focus areas?

IGHID is a top-ranked HIV/AIDS research site with scientists, researchers and clinicians who collaborate on all aspects of the epidemic. The Institute has been at the forefront of many of the advances in prevention and treatment that have turned AIDS from a death sentence to a manageable, chronic illness with a normal lifespan. Our investigators also lead national and international studies on tuberculosis, vector-borne diseases like malaria and zika, women’s health and child survival, and cancer, along with trauma care and surgery.

The race to develop vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the critical nature of our work in emerging infectious diseases. It was UNC’s reputation and standards for quality research that brought the Moderna study to IGHID, as well as the Novavax trials, which recently received FDA approval. What researchers learn from survivors of Ebola may also help explain Long Covid.

How does IGHID attract leading trials to UNC through NIAID feeder networks?

IGHID excels as a research powerhouse bringing together diverse teams of scientists who thrive on addressing the challenging questions that impact the lives of people everywhere. Our Clinical Trials Unit comprises four research sites: Malawi, Vietnam, Chapel Hill and Greensboro. Defined by values of integrity, diversity, good governance and best practice, IGHID’s multidisciplinary investigators have vision, and they’re tackling the biggest global health challenges of our time.

How does IGHID support education and training?

IGHID is proud to play a central role in UNC’s efforts to provide global opportunities for students. Our investigators nurture emerging scientists through education and training opportunities, offered through our Office of Global Health Education and Office of Global Health Fellowships. We seek to provide meaningful and impactful experiences with a deep respect and celebration of culture.

Register for IGHID Fest.

Please visit this link to register. Virtual attendees will be emailed a Zoom link.