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Six students from Dzama, Malawi — three girls and three boys — have received scholarships to attend private school and receive individual tutoring as the inaugural class of “Charlie Scholars.” The Charlie van der Horst Malawi Scholars Program, administered by UNC Project-Malawi and the UNC Medical Foundation, honors the late UNC infectious diseases physician who conducted HIV/AIDS research and clinical care in Malawi.

“Charlie would be so proud,” says Irving Hoffman, international director for the Institute’s Project-Malawi. “All six scholars recently graduated from the Dzama primary school and were the top scorers among over 1,000 other children. The three girls now attend the Lilongwe Nazarene Private School and the three boys attend Victoria Gardens Private School. We believe the educational opportunities we are providing will lead to well-rounded, happy lives full of choices.”

Innocent Mofolo, country director for Project-Malawi who leads the program, met individually with the children and their families as part of the selection process.


Charlie Scholars, Class of 2020

Harrison Davison, age 15, grade 6
“I am happy because of this scholarship. We won’t be paying any money from our pockets for tuition at a boarding school. When I grow up I want to be a primary or secondary school teacher. I like the exposure teachers get and the way they establish connections with other people in society.”


Evidence Elemiya portraitEvidence Elemiya, age 15, grade 6
“I was so happy to hear the news about the scholarship because I would be studying at a new place. When I complete my studies, I would like to be a medical doctor because I want to help sick people.”



Prisca Kanyam portraitPrisca Kanyama, age 12, grade 6
“I feel so lucky to have been awarded this scholarship. I would like to be a lawyer later in life. I would like to stand up for people in trials. Currently in the village court, we young ones are not allowed to spectate but I would want to even help in judging cases when I grow up.”


Ethel Mayimba portraitEthel Mayimba, age 13, grade 6
“I am happy to receive this scholarship because my parents would not have afforded to send me to a boarding school. When I grow up I want to be a nurse and assist the sick. I believe many things are possible if one gets educated.”



Liviness Magombo portraitLiviness Magombo, age 13, grade 6
“I was so happy to hear news about this opportunity to learn at a boarding school because my parents would not have afforded to send me there. I would like to be a nurse in future. I like the work nurses at the Area 25 Health Centre do.”



Chimwemwe Madalitso portraitChimwemwe Madalitso, age 13, grade 6
“I am so glad to receive this scholarship. It is my hope that I will do well and become a bank manager. I want to be counting money which people bring and take out of the bank.