Where We Work

UNC  is active in more than 100 countries worldwide, and more than half of these involve global health projects.

The Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases has flagship programs in Malawi, Zambia, China, and of course North Carolina. We are also active in Central and South America, South Africa, India, Vietnam, Russia, and other places.

The IGHID’s programs are successful because they are built on strong, mutually beneficial partnerships. From ministries of health and universities to hospitals, clinics, and individual researchers, our relationships leverage each organization’s strengths to address health issues comprehensively, from underlying causes to immediate observable effects. In all of our efforts, the IGHID strives to be an effective and strategic partner.

In all of the countries where we work, the IGHID is committed to sustainable programs,  long-term growth, and local capacity-building. IGHID is training a growing number of African, Chinese, and other foreign health care professionals in order to increase local knowledge and ensure a healthy future for people everywhere.