Service and Volunteer

Carolina students and faculty have a long tradition of service and outreach to disadvantaged communities at home and internationally. From small community-based organizations to advocacy groups to international NGOs, UNC has service projects in many countries around the world.

To browse and explore the many student organizations at UNC with a global health focus, visit the student life directory. You can also visit the Carolina Center for Public Service.

The following organizations are endorsed, and in some cases supported, by the institute.

Engineers without Borders
The goal of EWB is to partner with developing communities worldwide to improve their quality of life. This partnership involves the implementation of sustainable engineering projects, which may address water and sanitation, energy, and waste concerns. The UNC  chapter is involved with construction and design work, consulting, teaching, surveying, or other tasks as determined by project needs.  It raises funds to support projects, facilitate collaboration between student groups and local engineers and other universities on development projects, and host speakers and seminars relevant to the role of the engineer in development work abroad.

Honduran Health Alliance
Based in the medical school, the Honduran Health Alliance is an international alliance of organizations working together in the areas of education, capacity building, health, and development.  Program partners currently focus their efforts on women’s reproductive health and community development through an annual women’s health education and cervical cancer screening project.

Infectious Diseases Interest Group
The purpose of the Infectious Disease Interest Group is to stimulate medical student interest in the field of infectious disease. The group will establish a mentorship program by pairing each interested student with an ID faculty member. The goal of this program is to foster student academic and career exploration in ID and to facilitate shadowing opportunities. 

Malawi Dental Project
The School of Dentistry’s Malawi Project aims to accomplish three goals during their annual trip to Lilongwe, Malawi. The first is to provide a cultural exchange between UNC students and Malawians. The second goal is to educate Malawian school aged children about oral health and hygiene and about the HIV/AIDS epidemic and risks associated with the disease. The third and final goal is to provide emergency, preventative, and restorative care to those in need in  Kamuzu Central Hospital.

Proyecto Puentes de Salud
The founding goal of Proyecto Puentes de Salud (PPS) is to ameliorate health care inequalities by serving as a “health bridge” between underserved Latino communities—both in North Carolina and in Mexico—and needed health services. Our method for building this bridge is twofold: first, to provide quality medical attention to underserved and disadvantaged communities in Guanajuato, Mexico, and second, to conduct meaningful research that will inform effective intervention programs in the future.

Student Global Health Committee
The UNC Student Global Health Committee is an organization committed to creating awareness of international health issues among the UNC community through education, advocacy, and service. The SGHC fosters an environment within which UNC students can apply their acquired knowledge and skills to engage in the promotion of health at a global level.

Student Health Action Coalition
The Student Health Action Coalition (SHAC) is a student-led organization whose mission is to provide free health services to local underserved individuals and communities; partner with communities to develop and implement sustainable programs; and create an interdisciplinary service-learning environment for students in the health science programs at UNC.

Students of the World
For more than 10 years, Students of the World (SOW) has told the stories of more than 50 organizations in 30+ countries through film, photography, and journalism.  SOW’s mission is to shine a light on progress. There are people across the globe who dedicate their lives to improving the lives of others. SOW wants to celebrate these individuals, lift up their voices, and bring attention to their work.

For general information on volunteer opportunities with the Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases, send an e-mail to