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August 8, 2011 — Earlier this summer, a large UNC delegation traveled to Rome, Italy for the 6th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, the world’s largest open scientific conference on HIV/AIDS.

UNC faculty and students presented a total of 52 abstracts (see below for the complete list). The most-anticipated event was the late-breaker session to present results of HPTN 052. The photo essay features many images from that session and the related press conference.

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UNC Abstracts

  1. Antiretroviral treatment to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV-1: results from the HPTN 052 multinational randomized controlled trial.
    M. Cohen, Y. Chen, M. McCauley, T. Gamble, R. Bollinger, Y. Bryson, D. Burns, D. Celentano, S. Chariyalertsak, F. Conradie, L. Cottle, G. de Bruyn, V. Elharrar, S. Eshelman, M. Essex, E.C.J. Filho, S. Godbole, B. Grinsztejn, J.G. Hakim, I.F. Hoffman, M. Hosseinipour, N. Kumarasamy, J. Kumwenda, J. Makhema, A. Martinez, K.H. Mayer, S. Mehendale, L.A. Mills, K.A.-H. Nielsen, J.H.d.S. Pilotto, E. Piwowar-Manning, I. Sanne, B.R. Santos, T. Taha, L. Wang, S. Safren, T. Fleming, HPTN 052 Protocol Team
  2. Analysis of genetic linkage of HIV from couples enrolled in the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) 052 trial.
    J. Hughes, S. Hudelson, A. Redd, L. Wang, R. Debes, Y. Chen, S. Porcella, E. Piwowar-Manning, M. McCauley, M. Hosseinipour,, J. Kumwenda, J. Hakim, S. Chariyalertsak, G. de Bruyn, B. Grinsztejn, N. Kumarasamy, J. Makhema, K. Mayer, J. Pilotto, B. Santos, T. Quinn,, M. Cohen, S. Eshleman, HPTN 052
  3. Immunologic and virologic disease progression and responses to ART across geographic regions: outcomes from HPTN 052 study.
    M.C. Hosseinipour,, L. Wang, M. Cohen, S. Chariyalertsak, Y.Q. Chen, V. Elharrar, S. Eshleman, J. Gallant, T. Gamble, S. Godbole, S. Govinder, B. Grinsztejn, J.G. Hakim, D. Havlir, P. Ive, K. Klingman, N. Kumarasamy, J. Kumwenda, J. Makhema, K. Mayer, M. McCauley, L. Mills, J. Pilotto, E. Piwowar-Manning, H. Ribaudo, B.R. Santos, S. Swindells, J.J. Eron, and the HPTN 052 study team
  4. Effects of early versus delayed initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) on HIV clinical outcomes: results from the HPTN 052 randomized clinical trial.
    B. Grinsztejn, H. Ribaudo, M. Cohen, S. Swindells, S. Badel-Faesen, D. Burns, S. Chariyalertsak, Y.Q. Chen, G. de Bruyn, J.J. Eron, S. Eshleman, T. Fleming, J. Gallant, T. Gamble, S.V. Godbole, J.G. Hakim, M.C. Hosseinipour,, K. Klingman, N. Kumarasamy, J. Kumwenda, J. Makhema, K.H. Mayer, M. McCauley, L.A. Mills, J.H. Pilotto, E. Piwowar-Manning, B.R. Santos, L. Wang, D. Havlir, HPTN 052 Protocol Team
  5. Phylogenetic insight into HIV transmission networks in a Southeastern US cohort.
    A.M. Dennis, S. Hué, C.B. Hurt, S. Napravnik, D. Pillay, J.J. Eron
  6. HIV-1 viral populations in the female genital tract can be genetically distinct from virus in the blood.
    E. Dukhovlinova, J. Anderson, J. Nelson, M. Cohen, R. Swanstrom, the Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology Consortium
  7. Flushing out the reservoir: novel, synthetic non-HDAC inhibitor molecules induce latent HIV expression.
    N. Archin, N. Dahl, A. Lees, M. Cheema, J. Kuruc, J. Scepanski, J. Eron, M. Cohen, D. Hazuda, D. Margolis
  8. Oral HIV infection of humanized BLT mice: a novel model of mother-to-child HIV transmission.
    A. Wahl, T. Nochi, R. Olesen, M. Swanson, J.V. Garcia
  9. Prevalence of antiretroviral (ARV) resistance among treatment-experienced, HIV-positive inmates of the North Carolina (NC) prison system.
    P. Menezes, D. Rosen, D. Wohl, N. Kiziah, J. Sebastian, J. Eron, B. White
  10. Exploratory analysis in the BENCHMRK studies at Wk 192: late outcomes based on early virologic responses.
    J. Eron, D. Cooper, R. Steigbigel, B. Clotet, H. Wan, J. Zhao, P. Sklar, B.-Y. Nguyen, H. Teppler, for the BENCHMRK-1 and 2 Study Groups
  11. Substantial multiclass transmitted drug resistance and drug-relevant polymorphisms among treatment-naïve youth: a multicenter adolescent medicine trials network for HIV/AIDS interventions (ATN) study.
    A. Agwu, J. Bethel, L. Hightow-Weidman, J. Sleasman, C. Wilson, B. Rudy, B. Kapogiannis, ATN 061 Study Team
  12. The effect of highly active antiretroviral therapy on the survival of HIV-infected children in a resource-deprived setting: a cohort study.
    A. Edmonds, M. Yotebieng, J. Lusiama, Y. Matumona, F. Kitetele, S. Napravnik, S. Cole, A. Van Rie, F. Behets
  13. Male attitudes toward HIV testing among men in four US cities.
    C. Golin, D. Haley, P. Frew, I. Kuo, L. Soto-Torres, J. Justman, H. Waller, K. Amola, L.S. Jones, A. Amsterdam, J. Smith, K. Lancaster, J. Lucas, A. O’Leary, A. Adimora, C. Fogel, S. Hodder, on behalf of the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) , HIV SeroIncidence (ISIS) Team
  14. Identification of HIV-1 subtype B transmission networks through contact tracing and DNA sequencing.
    J. Kuruc, J. Anderson, A. Barry, J. Kirchherr, S. Beagle, K. McGee, R. Ashby, J. Salazar-Gonzalez, M. Salazar, B. Keele, L.H. Ping, J. Nelson, G. Shaw, B. Hahn, C. Hicks, E. Foust, P. Leone, M. Cohen, J. Eron, and the Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology
  15. Low rates of HIV-1 transmission in a cohort of discordant couples in Nairobi, Kenya.
    B. Guthrie, R. Choi, R. Bosire, M. Romel, A. Liu, A. Rositch, J. Kiarie, C. Farquhar
  16. Prospective study of the architect HIV combo 4th generation assay to detect HIV infection in STI clinics: the START Study.
    C. Gay, J. Kuruc, J. Bischof, J. Embry, J. Hatch, F. Ashton, J. Schmitz, W. Miller, P. Leone
  17. Starting on time: factors associated with initiation of antiretroviral treatment within two weeks of treatment eligibility in two HIV clinics in Lilongwe, Malawi.
    D. Johnson, C. Feldacker, H. Tweya, S. Phiri, M. Hosseinipour
  18. Late HIV diagnosis: a statewide program offering free CD4 count testing and access to results in North Carolina.
    C. Gay, J. Kuruc, J. Embry, R. Ashby, T. Vanhoy, J. Clymore, E. Foust, P. Leone
  19. Multilevel determinants of women’s HIV risk in the United States: qualitative implications for intervention development from the HIV Prevention Trial Network’s (HPTN) Women’s HIV SeroIncidence Study (ISIS).
    P.M. Frew, C. del Rio, A. O’Leary, I. Kuo, J. Justman, D. Haley, W. Chege, C. Golin, A. Adimora, C. Root, H. Waller, L. Jones, K. Lancaster, J. Lucas, A. Amsterdam, S. Hodder, L. Soto-Torres, for the HIV Prevention Trials Network Women’s HIV SeroIncidence Study (ISIS) Team
  20. Exposure to combination antiretroviral (cARV) regimens containing protease inhibitors (PI) during pregnancy and prevalence of low birth weight/preterm delivery (LBW/PTD) among women with low pre-existing risk for LBW/PTD: a stratified analysis of 10,082 p.
    K. Beckerman, J. Albano, D. Cohan, D.H. Watts, H. Tilson
  21. High levels of HIV shedding and delayed CD8+ T cell influx in the vaginal cavity during acute HIV infection.
    R. Olesen, A. Wahl, J. Krisko, C. Gonzalez, P. Denton, J.V. Garcia
  22. Expression of pINKa correlates with increasing age and decreased CD4 count in patients on effective ART.
    K. Janakiraman, J. Nelson, P. Menezes, Y. Liu, N. Sharpless, J.J. Eron
  23. TB/HIV co-infection in the setting of ART failure: the experience of an integrated TB/HIV clinic in Lilongwe, Malawi.
    R.H. Gokhale, S. Phiri, M. Hosseinipour, C. Feldacker, H. Tweya, J. Mwafilaso
  24. Effect of cotrimoxazole prophylactic treatment on malaria, birth outcomes and CD4 cell count in HIV-infected pregnant women: results of the BAN study.
    A. Dow, D. Kayira, M. Hudgens, A. Van Rie, C.C. King, S. Ellington, A. Kourtis, A. Norris Turner, S. Meshnick, Z. Kacheche, J. Kumwenda, D.J. Jamieson, C. van der Horst, C. Chasela
  25. Assessing the correlation between neurodevelopment, plasma viral load and CSF viral load in children before and after antiretroviral treatment.
    A. Dow, M. Mallewa, E. Kafoteka, S. Fiscus, R. Heyderman, A. Van Rie
  26. Field evaluation of a prevention of mother-to-child transmission program in the democratic republic of Congo using DNA PCR test results- implications for increased intervention impact.
    D. Thompson, A. Edmonds, J. Lusiama, Y. Matumona, M. Yotebieng, L. Feinstein, M. Tabala, F. Behets
  27. High HIV incidence and sexual behavior change among pregnant women in Lilongwe, Malawi: implications for the risk of HIV acquisition.
    M.A. Keating, G. Hamela, W.C. Miller, I.F. Hoffman, A. Moses, M.C. Hosseinipour
  28. Household-based assessment of antenatal and delivery services in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo for scale-up of PMTCT.
    L. Feinstein, B.L. Dimomfu, S. Duvall, B. Mupenda, J.L. Chalachala, V. Okitolonda, F. Kitenge, M. Kapinga, F. Behets
  29. Factors associated with failing to return for delivery among women who seek antenatal care in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.
    L. Feinstein, B.L. Dimomfu, S. Duvall, B. Mupenda, J.L. Chalachala, V. Okitolonda, F. Kitenge, M. Kapinga, F. Behets
  30. Uptake of family planning services, fertility desires and contraceptives choices among HIV-infected women in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.
    M. Yotebieng, F. Kitenge, Y. Matumona, D. Nku, F. Behets, SANGO Plus team
  31. Incidence of pregnancy among women accessing antiretroviral therapy in urban Malawi: a retrospective cohort study.
    H.M. Tweya, J. Chiwoko, E. Breeze, C. Feldacker, L. Blake Haddad, A. Jahn, D. Gareta, T. Chaweza, S. Phiri
  32. Couple HIV counseling and testing: experience in prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) program in Lilongwe, Malawi.
    C. Chasela, E. Kamanga, G. Mwale, E. Jere, I. Mofolo, A. Kadzakumanja, A. Moses, S. Chimphonda, F. Martinson, I. Hoffman, C. Van der Horst, M. Hosseinipour
  33.  Monitoring and evaluation of basic activities to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2010.
    L. Feinstein, D. Thompson, A. Edmonds, V. Ilunga, B. Mupenda, J.L. Chalachala, B. Kawende, F. Behets
  34. High rates of HIV testing and care among patients suspected of TB at a primary care clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    K. Clouse, L. Page-Shipp, F. Phakathi, H. Dansey, J. Bassett, I. Sanne, A. van Rie
  35. Contraceptive eligibility, choice and acceptance of the copper intrauterine device (IUD) among HIV+ clients at an ART clinic in Lilongwe, Malawi.
    L. Haddad, M. Nyirenda, C. Cwiak, H. Tweya, C. Feldacker, D. Jamieson, M. Hosseinipour, I. Hoffman, A. Bryant, G. Stuart, I. Noah, L. Mulundila, B. Samala, S. Phiri
  36. Pooled analysis of five randomized trials of infant nevirapine prophylaxis to prevent breast-milk HIV-1 transmission.
    M. Hudgens, T. Taha, S.B. Omer, D.J. Jamieson, H. Lee, L.M. Mofenson, C. Chasela, A.P. Kourtis, N. Kumwenda, A. Ruff, A. Bedri Kelo, B. Jackson, P. Musoke, R.C. Bollinger, N. Gupte, M.C. Thigpen, A. Taylor, C. Van der Horst
  37. Prevalence of multi-drug resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis (MDRTB) among patients admitted to the Bwaila-Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) inpatient tuberculosis ward, Lilongwe, Malawi.
    C.K. Vorkas, D.L. Kayira, R. Krysiak, C. Kanyemba, T. Chikaonda, N. Nguluwe, M. Kalikhoka, D. Kalaundi, D. Namarika, F. Martinson, C. van der Horst, I. Hoffman, M. Hosseinipour
  38. Keeping the giant asleep: recruitment of HDACs to the HIV-1 promoter.
    K. Barton, N. Archin, K. Keedy, D. Margolis
  39. The effect of cotrimoxazole prophylaxis on adverse health outcomes in HIV-exposed, uninfected infants: results from the BAN study.
    A. Dow, D. Kayira, M. Hudgens, A. Van Rie, C.C. King, S. Ellington, A. Kourtis, A. Norris Turner, S. Meshnick, J. Kumwenda, Z. Kacheche, D.J. Jamieson, C. Chasela, C. Van der Horst
  40. Clinical presentation, treatment, and outcomes among HIV-infected lymphoma patients in a Southeastern United States clinical cohort.
    S. Gopal, K. Richards, J. Eron
  41. Risk factors for Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) in Cameroon among HIV+ and HIV- patients.
    K. Stolka, G. Woelk, P. Ndom, J. Newman, J.J. Hemingway-Foday, J. Smith, J. Iriondo-Perez, R. Ryder
  42. Factors affecting adherence to antiretroviral therapy among adult AIDS patients at Area 18 ART Clinic in Lilongwe Malawi.
    V.M. Thonyiwa, A. Lakati, J. Nyagero, M. Houseinipour, B Adherence
  43. Quantification of CD4 responses to highly active antiretroviral therapy over five years among HIV-infected children in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.
    A. Edmonds, M. Yotebieng, J. Lusiama, Y. Matumona, F. Kitetele, D. Nku, S. Napravnik, S. Cole, A. Van Rie, F. Behets
  44. Perceived challenges to provider-initiated testing and counseling (PITC) during antenatal care (ANC) reported by ANC beneficiaries in Kinshasa, DRC.
    S. Duvall, B. Lapika Dimomfu, B. Mupenda, J.L. Chalachala, V. Okitolonda, F. Kitenge, M. Kapinga, L. Feinstein, F. Behets
  45. Obstacles to PMTCT integration reported by directors and proprietors of small, private, non-profit and religious health care facilities in Kinshasa, DRC.
    S. Duvall, B. Lapika Dimomfu, B. Mupenda, J.L. Chalachala, V. Okitolonda, M. Kapinga, F. Kitenge, L. Feinstein, F. Behets
  46. Evaluating the impact of ANC facility being closer to the ART clinic for PMTCT clients eligible for ART initiation.
    E.K. Jere, I. Mofolo, E. Kamanga, A. Kadzakumanja, M. Hosseinipour, F. Martinson, M. Kalulu, C. Chasela, IMPACT
  47. Condom use among U.S. women at high risk for HIV infection: implications for HIV prevention.
    I. Kuo, A. O’Leary, J. Justman, P. Frew, C. Golin, D. Haley, A. Amsterdam, K. Lancaster, H. Waller, L. Jones, J. Lucas, L. Soto-Torres, A. Adimora, S. Hodder, HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) Women’s HIV SeroIncidence Study (ISIS) Team
  48. Characteristics of HIV+ women of color in medical care settings with unmet core self-determination needs.
    E.B. Quinlivan, L.C. Messer, K. Roytburd, H. Parnell
  49. Self-determination core needs are present when women of color (WOC) make HIV testing and care decisions.
    E.B. Quinlivan, L.C. Messer, K. Roytburd, N. de Sousa, N. Bowditch, H. Parnell
  50. Women’s experiences of HIV testing and counseling in the labourward: a case of Bwaila Hospital.
    G. Chisala Hamela, M. Hosseinipour, C. Kabondo, I. Mofolo, A. Kadzakumanja, T. Kumwenda, L. Mindiera
  51. Successful integration of family planning into HIV care in Lilongwe, Malawi.
    L. Haddad, M. Nyirenda, H. Tweya, C. Feldacker, D. Jamieson, M. Hosseinipour, I. Hoffman, C. Cwiak, A. Bryant, G. Stuart, F. Martinson, C. Mhango, S. Hartsell, I. Noah, L. Mlundila, B. Samala, S. Phiri
  52. Improving HIV prevention, care, and treatment in severely resource-deprived settings through real-time data use: development and implementation of a user-friendly data management system.
    A. Edmonds, D. Thompson, D. Kleckner, L. Feinstein, J.L. Chalachala, M. Yotebieng, F. Behets


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