UJMT Fogarty Global Health Fellowship

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Johns Hopkins University, Morehouse School of Medicine, and Tulane University have partnered to create the UJMT Fogarty Global Health Fellows Program consortium. This training program supports an 11-month research opportunity for postdoctoral fellows and predoctoral scholars trained in the U.S. and in low-or middle-income countries (LMIC).  Trainees work at one of 17 affiliated sites in 13 countries in Africa, South America and Asia.

Funded by the Fogarty International Center and affiliated centers and offices within the National Institutes of Health, this consortium has 59 U.S.-based mentors and 76 in-country mentors in medicine, public health, and the basic sciences.

The goal of the program is to generate the next generation of global health researchers, educators, and problem solvers. The fellowship focuses on chronic, non-communicable, and infectious diseases, as well as environmental health and traumatic injuries and burns.The expectation for trainees is that they effectively conduct high-quality, ethical research documenting research findings with at least one publishable, for peer-review paper. We provide an excellent global health research context for our fellows in order to strengthen integrity in clinical research and address the increasing burden of disease on public health on a global scale.

Learn more by visiting the UJMT Fogarty Global Health Fellowship website.