Friday Conference Series

IGHID partners with the clinical division of infectious diseases and the Center for AIDS Research on a weekly conference series featuring distinguished clinicians and scientists from UNC, local universities, and other national and international institutions.  The topics are varied and appeal to not only infectious disease specialists, but also professionals in epidemiology, public health, microbiology, biostatistics and other global health-related disciplines.

The conference takes place every Friday (September through May) from 8:30-9:30 a.m. in 1131 Bioinformatics (first floor auditorium) on the UNC campus.  For more information, please contact the conference coordinator, Kathy James. To suggest a speaker, contact the faculty organizer, Heidi Swygard.

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2013-2014 Conference Schedule

Title or Topic
September 6, 2013Mike Malim
Kings College, London
"Mechanisms of Cell-Mediated Resistance to HIV-1 Infection"
September 13, 2013Robert Coombs
University of Washington
“Laboratory Diagnosis of HIV Infection, Revisited: New Diagnostic Challenges”
September 20, 2013David Wohl
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Post-ICAAC HIV Update"
September 27, 2013J. Dennis Fortenberry
Indiana University
“Form, Function, and Microbiota: The Microbiomes of the Penis”
October 4, 2013William Riley
National Cancer Institute
“Tech-based Behavioral Interventions: Poor Fit for Our Current Theories and Research Methods”
October 11, 2013Ravi Jhaveri
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Studies on Hepatitis C Virus Vertical Transmission: The Call to Egypt"
October 18, 2013Babafemi Taiwo
Northwestern University
"Persistent Low Level Viremia During Antiretroviral Therapy: A Moving Target"
October 25, 2013Bob Siliciano
Johns Hopkins University
"Recent Developments in HIV Treatment"
November 1, 2013Leslie London
University of Cape Town
"The Challenge of Meeting South Africa’s Constitutional Promise: Realizing the Right to Health in a Post-Apartheid Context”
November 8, 2013Kathleen Squires
Jefferson University Hospitals
“HIV/Contraception & Peri-Contraception Care/Vertical Transmission Prevention”
November 15, 2013Emily Brouwer
University of Kentucky
"Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Using Medicaid Claims Data for Comparative Effectiveness Research of Antiretrovirals”
November 22, 2013Stephen Rogerson
University of Melbourne
"Inside the Black Box: Understanding the Pathogenesis of Placental Malaria"
December 6, 2013Ryan Balfour Sartor
UNC-Chapel Hill
“Host Interactions with the Commensal Enteric Microbiota that Determine Mucosal Homeostasis vs. Chronic Inflammation"
December 13, 2013Chris Ohl
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
"Antimicrobial Stewardship"
December 20, 2013Bruce Cairns
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Infectious Diseases in the Burn Unit"
January 10, 2014David Weber
Christopher Hurt
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Influenza Update: National and Local Perspectives"
January 17, 2014Becky White
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Routine HIV Screening in Health Care Settings: Past, Present, and Future"
January 24, 2014Elissa Green
Chatham Care Center
Savannah, GA
"Retention in Care: A Non-Scientific Presentation"
January 31, 2014Marcia Hobbs
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Sex, Lies, and PSA"
February 7, 2014Dirk Dittmer
UNC-Chapel Hill
"AIDS-Associated Cancers Around the World: A Journey"
February 14, 2014Tom Hope
Northwestern University
"Defining and Enhancing Mucosal Barriers to Immunodeficiency Virus in the Female Reproductive Tract” CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER
February 21, 2014David van Duin
UNC-Chapel Hill
“The Threat of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms in Hospitalized Patients”
February 28, 2014Mike Mugavero
University of Alabama-Birmingham
"Engagement in HIV Care: From Cascade to Continuum to Control"
March 7, 2014Bill Goldman
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Evolutionary Divergence in Histoplasma Virulence Strategies”
March 14, 2014Myron Cohen
UNC-Chapel Hill
"CROI Update" "HPTN 052: What Happened Next"
March 21, 2014Anne Lyerly
UNC Center for Bioethics
"Advancing HIV Research and Pregnancy: Ethics and Engagement"
March 28, 2014Sarah Rhea
NC Division of Public Health
"Hepatitis B Reactivation and Hemodialysis-Related Transmission"
April 4, 2014Charles van der Horst
UNC-Chapel Hill
"HIV Treatment and Prevention in N.C. and Malawi: From Clinical Trials to Implementation"
April 11, 2014Amy Lansky
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
"High Impact HIV Prevention in the United States"
April 25, 2014Kayla Knillans
Marc Potempa
Michael Herce
Veronica Escamilla
UNC-Chapel Hill
"STD/HIV Training Grant Program: Annual Potpourri"
May 2, 2014Costi Sifri
University of Virginia
May 9, 2014Allison Aiello
UNC-Chapel Hill
May 16, 2014Jonathan Mermin
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
May 23, 2014STD Training Grant Trainees
UNC-Chapel Hill
May 30, 2014David Margolis
UNC-Chapel Hill

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