Friday Conference Series

IGHID partners with the clinical division of infectious diseases and the Center for AIDS Research on a weekly conference series featuring distinguished clinicians and scientists from UNC, local universities, and other national and international institutions.  The topics are varied and appeal to not only infectious disease specialists, but also professionals in epidemiology, public health, microbiology, biostatistics and other global health-related disciplines.

The conference takes place every Friday (September through May) from 8:30-9:30 a.m. in 1131 Bioinformatics (first floor auditorium) on the UNC campus.  For more information, please contact the conference coordinator, Kathy James. To suggest a speaker, contact the faculty organizer, David Wohl.

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2015-2016 Conference Schedule

Title or Topic
September 11, 2015Brian Pence
Depression treatment and adherence to HIV therapy: Results of the UNC-Duke SLAM-DUNC trial
September 18, 2015Christopher Hurt
HIV Self-Testing
September 25, 2015Joe Eron and David Margolis
Post-International AIDS Society Update
October 2, 2015Justin Lessler
Johns Hopkins
Maps, Models and Immunity: Practical Approaches to Heterogeneity in Infectious Disease Risk
October 9, 2015Emily Sickbert-Bennett
Millions of Dollars and Flawed Metrics: How can we succeed in infection prevention?
October 16, 2015Audrey Pettifor
Unpacking the Results of HPTN 068: A randomized controlled cash transfer trial to prevent HIV infection in young women in South Africa
October 23, 2015Fred Sparling
A Doctor's Dilemma: Choices Amidst Change
October 30, 2015Ravi Jhaveri
Planning the Future for Pregnant Women and Infants with Hepatitis C Virus Infection
November 6, 2015UNC ID FacultyID Week Update
November 13, 2015Mark Rothstein
Univ. of Louisville
Lessons from Ebola Quarantine in the U.S.
November 20, 2015Bill Zule, RTI, and Christine Oramasionwu
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Global Progress on Low Dead Space Syringes for Harm Reduction and Beyond
November 27, 2015Thanksgiving Holiday Break
December 4, 2015World AIDS Day Symposium (multiple speakers)World AIDS Day Symposium
December 11, 2015Myron Cohen,
ART Prevents HIV Transmission: Where do we go from here?
December 18, 2015Bob Dickson
Univ. of Michigan
Towards an Ecology of the Lung
December 25, 2015Christmas Holiday Break
January 1, 2016New Year's Day Holiday Break
January 8, 2016Jon Juliano
Antibiotic Stewardship at UNC: Review of the First 6 Months of The Antibiotic Stewardship Team
January 15, 2016Adam Cockrell,
Sallie Permar,
What Will It Take to End Pediatric HIV?
January 29, 2016Liz Yanik,
National Institutes of Health
Cancer in Immunosuppressed Populations
February 5, 2016Vivian Go,
Interventions for HIV prevention among people who inject drugs in Vietnam
February 12, 2016Raymond Chung,
Massachusetts General Hospital
Chronic hepatitis B: current management and prospects for cure
February 19, 2016Joseph Tucker,
UNC Project-China
Crowdsourcing Sexual Health Promotion Campaigns
February 26, 2015Val Flax
UNC Center for AIDS Research
Strategies for improving adherence to infant and young child feeding guidelines among HIV-positive women in Malawi
March 4, 2016Igho Ofotokun,
Immune Dysregulation: A Driving Force Behind HIV-associated Bone Loss
March 11, 2016Brandie Taylor,
Texas A&M
Host genetics in sexually transmitted infection related infertility
March 18, 2016Jintanat Ananworanich,
US Military HIV Research Program (MHRP)
Early Treatment and The Journey towards HIV Remission:
Lessons Learned from the Thai RV254 trial
March 25, 2016Good Friday Holiday
April 1, 2016Rick Tarleton,
University of Georgia
Silent Invasion and Misdirected Immune Responses Allow for Parasite Persistence in Chagas Disease
April 8, 2016Ronald Bosch,
Harvard School of Public Health
Challenges and solutions to analyzing HIV measurements below assay limits
April 15, 2016Stacy Horner,
Duke University
Regulation of intracellular innate immunity to hepatitis C virus
April 22, 2016Satish Gopal,
Cancer in Malawi and what UNC (and its partners) are doing about it
April 29, 2016STD/HIV TraineesSTD/HIV Training
May 6, 2016David Margolis,
Work in progress at the HIV Cure Center
May 13, 2016Jack Stapleton,
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
Identification of new mechanisms used by RNA viruses to modulate T cell activation
May 20, 2016Joshua Nosanchuk,
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Histoplasma capsulatum: Host-pathogen interactions