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Student Targets Mental Health Stigma

Research suggests that stigma can have a more detrimental effect on individuals with mental illness than the illness itself. Through volunteering locally and conducting research in India, Allied Health Sciences doctoral student Nikhil Tomar seeks to understand and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. Read More

UNC Receives $18 Million to Combine Tech & Health

Lisa Hightow-Weidman, MD, MPH, specializes in connecting gay, lesbian and transgender youth with health services through technology like mobile apps, online interventions and virtual reality. She received a $18 million NIH grant to fund iTech, a center to develop technology-based interventions for youth who are at-risk or living with HIV. Read More

Video: 2BeatHIV Engages Community

While researchers have been studying HIV for more than 30 years, the public still harbors misconceptions about the virus. Dr. Allison Mathews had made it her mission to engage the community in cure research. She’s starting with Durham, but her work has a global goal. Read More

Division of ID: Awards & Honors

From being honored with distinguished teaching awards to acceptance into national honor societies, UNC Division of Infectious Diseases faculty and staff have had an impressive academic year. Check out a full list of awards and honors. Read More

Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Ensuring North Carolina’s inmate population is represented in research that leads to better clinical care and improved public health is the goal of UNC’s Criminal Justice and Health Working Group. Read More

UNC Researchers vs. Zika Outbreak

With Zika virus, we still don’t know many of the rules. But thanks to the ongoing work of UNC researchers, our knowledge of Zika virus is rapidly expanding. Read More

Video: Crowd Simulation Research Aims at Reducing Mass Casualties

While he may not study medicine or public health, UNC’s Dr. Dinesh Manocha’s work is undoubtedly tackling a serious global health issue, and it has the potential to lead to safer communities—from Chapel Hill to Mecca. Enter Manocha and his team’s world of crowd simulation. Read More

Ejiofor Ezekwe Researches New Ways to Fight Infection

UNC graduate student Ejiofor Ezekwe realizes that antibiotics are not the be-all and end-all of infectious disease. He is researching how the body responds to infection in order to better understand how to treat disease by modifying the body’s own immune system. Read More

Researchers Discover Link Between Small Mammals and Evolution of Hepatitis A Virus to Humans

UNC researchers are part of an international team who have found a link between the origin of hepatitis A virus (HAV) and small mammals. With the emergence of Ebola virus from bats and hantaviruses from rodents, investigators say identifying the other species infected with HAV provides novel insight into the evolution of HAV and how it spread to humans, and highlights the utility of analyzing animal reservoirs for risk assessment of emerging viruses. Read More

Video: UNC and Research Partners Race to Better Prepare for Next Ebola Outbreak

Fear and poverty. These are the main factors two UNC clinician-researchers feel have fueled the reoccurring outbreaks of Ebola in West Africa over the past 40 years. Instead of remaining safely stateside with their families and medical practices in Chapel Hill, William Fischer, MD, and David Wohl, MD, headed to the Ebola epicenter. Read More