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Defining Burden of Hepatitis in DRC

Using laboratory equipment readily available in developing countries, researchers from UNC and Abbott Diagnostics were able to define and map the burden of hepatitis C virus for the first time in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their findings were published in Clinical Infectious Diseases. Read More

UNC Expands Research in Vietnam

A delegation from UNC-Chapel Hill traveled to UNC Project-Vietnam to mark the successful end to one research study and the start of another. Learn how this site in Hanoi is moving the field of HIV research forward. Read More

Disruptive Driving

While car manufacturers and tech companies around the world work to make autonomous vehicles a reality, two UNC researchers are raising some important questions about the impacts — both positive and negative — that this massive change will have on our daily lives and public health. Read More

UNC to Test Therapeutic HIV Vaccine

The National Institutes of Health has awarded UNC more than $5.6 million to test a therapeutic vaccine for HIV. The study’s principal investigator says the goals are to redirect and strengthen the immune response to the virus. Read More

Couple Improves Health in Africa

UNC clinicians Ross Boyce and Raquel Reyes met while working in Uganda. Their mutual interest in global health sparked a friendship that led to marriage. The pair discuss their latest research and how they achieve a work-life balance. Read More

Building Support for Youth Caregivers

Many teens and children under the age of 18 are responsible for not only taking care of themselves, but also a loved one. These youth caregivers can go on to thrive as adults, but UNC researcher Elizabeth Olson says this added labor can also have negative impacts. Read More

Team Identifies a New HIV Reservoir

Researchers have found a new cell in the body where HIV persists despite treatment. This discovery has major implications for cure research. Read More

UNC to Create and Test Injectable Long-Acting Implant to Prevent HIV/AIDS

The NIH awards researchers in the UNC School of Medicine and Eshelman School of Pharmacy $1.8 million to develop a new implantable drug delivery system for long-lasting HIV prevention. Read More

Health Effects of the 2016 Election

The 2016 US election ushered in a time of change and uncertainty. What will the Trump administration mean for the future of the Affordable Care Act, for national stress levels and their associated health risks, and for global health? UNC researchers are working to better answer these questions. Read More

Researchers Find Test for Ebola in Semen

Although the Ebola outbreak of 2014 in West Africa is over, thousands of survivors remain worried they could transmit the virus to others. UNC researchers, along with lab colleagues in Liberia, have discovered the first test to detect Ebola in semen. Learn more about this discovery and its implications for public health. Read More