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UNC Global Women’s Health receives grant to train women’s health researchers in Zambia

Researchers Define Burden of Hepatitis C Virus in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Bartelt’s Malnutrition Researched Praised in Nature Reviews Op-ed

Global Health: What’s in It for Us?

Cohen Authors Science Perspective on Antibodies to Prevent HIV

The journal Science published a perspective on Oct. 6, by two leading HIV investigators highlighting the next frontier of HIV prevention – broadly neutralizing antibodies or bnAbs. Antibodies to HIV can be found in 25 percent of people living with … Read More

Researchers Receive $3.6 Million Award to Improve Mental Health Treatment in Africa

A collaborative, international team at UNC has received a multimillion dollar award to study the mental health of people in Malawi and Tanzania living with a non-communicable disease, like diabetes or hypertension. Non-communicable diseases are the second leading cause of … Read More

Disruptive Driving

While car manufacturers and tech companies around the world work to make autonomous vehicles a reality, two UNC researchers are raising some important questions about the impacts — both positive and negative — that this massive change will have on our daily lives and public health. Read More

Pushing the Limits of Pediatric Cancer Care

Kate Westmoreland has a bold goal – increase the the survival rate of Burkitt lymphoma in Malawi from 30 percent to more than 60 percent. Learn how this Winston-Salem native is improving pediatric oncology in sub-Saharan Africa. Read More

Bringing Implementation Science to Africa

Implementation science is a new field that addresses an old question: how do you translate research into practice? Trainees from around Africa are learning how to answer this question through an implementation science master’s degree program developed by UNC and a South African University. Read More

Video: David Weber Shares Ways to Stay Healthy During Disaster Recovery with WRAL