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Effects on Health in the Galápagos

A National Institutes of Health grant will support the examination of the human health costs of economic development in the Galápagos, Ecuador. Peggy Bentley, PhD, our associate director for education, is part of the research team. Learn more about the health interventions the team hopes to develop based on the study. Read More

NCATEC Provides HIV Training

Whether you are a case manager, a dentist or a clinician, the North Carolina AIDS Training and Education Center (NCATEC) is your local resource for learning more about caring for people living with HIV. Two providers share how attending NCATEC trainings has improved the quality of care at their clinic. Read More

Bringing Implementation Science to Africa

Implementation science is a new field that addresses an old question: how do you translate research into practice? Trainees from around Africa are learning how to answer this question through an implementation science master’s degree program developed by UNC and a South African University. Read More

Connecting Community with Research

From attending Out! Raleigh to hosting a drag night in Durham, the UNC ROPE Team has made research, outreach, prevention and education about HIV its mission. Learn what prompted members to join the team and how their advocacy is improving HIV prevention research. Read More

Lab and Library Named after Faculty

A delegation from UNC-Chapel Hill traveled to UNC Project-Malawi to mark the site’s expansion. A new pathology lab and library were dedicated to long-time faculty Irving Hoffman and Francis Martinson. Learn more about their contributions to clinical care, research and education in Malawi. Read More

Nurses to Improve Training and Trust

Researchers from around the world travel to the Galápagos to study its wildlife and ecology. But what about the needs of the people who call the archipelago home? Learn how a collaboration between the UNC School of Nursing, a local hospital and the community will improve health care on the islands. Read More

Battling Antibiotic Resistance

Overuse and overprescribing have caused many bacteria to evolve into antibiotic resistant strains. Clinician -researchers Jon Juliano and David van Duin discuss the most concerning threats and how a change in behavior is needed to combat this deadly problem. Read More

Professor Earns Award from Alma Mater

Sonia Napravnik majored in philosophy and then the AIDS epidemic prompted her to return to university for nursing and epidemiology degrees. Now a researcher and educator at UNC, her students are honoring her for keeping the course work interesting and inspiring careers in public health. Read More

Translating Data into Health Recommendations

For more than a year, MEASURE Evaluation has been working with 14 Zambian health professionals to turn health data into meaningful medical recommendations. Four of the participants share how the training is empowering them to improve education and healthcare delivery in Zambia. Read More

Video: Donations Support Malawian Students

For 10 years, UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC Project-Malawi have provided food and an education for nearly 1,000 pre- and primary school children in the Dzama community outside of Lilongwe, Malawi. Learn how this support has impacted the community and what UNC hopes to achieve in 2017. Read More