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Ambassadors for hope with a blues sensibility: Cornel West at APHA

Dr. Cornel West, American philosopher, author, critic, actor, and civil rights activist, spoke at the opening session of the American Public Health Association’s 138th Annual Meeting in Denver. West is a powerful rhetorician. In a speech bordering on poetry, and … Read More

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“But you knew where you were going, and I didn’t”: making a movie in Malawi

[Post written by me, Lisa, your friendly blog editor] As communications director for IGHID, I spend a lot of time writing about and promoting UNC Project-Malawi, our flagship site in Lilongwe.  So needless to say I was thrilled when I … Read More

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Swine flu: it ain't just a 2009 thang

We’ve been here before.  Here’s some footage from the 1976 swine flu scare.  Kitch value aside, this is a serious matter.  IGHID director Myron Cohen thinks we ought to remember the lessons we learned over 30 years ago. There are … Read More

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