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Conflict, famine, tragedy

I spent yesterday afternoon over in the public health school filming a series of interviews on the humanitarian emergency happening right now in the Horn of Africa, including Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Kenya. Our interview subjects looked at the crisis … Read More

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A student travels abroad and comes away with a career path, forever inspired

It’s official. I definitely have found the field that I want to work in for the rest of my life. Since I have been in India, my passion for international nutrition has grown even greater. It is so relieving and … Read More

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Tackling child malnutrition in Jodhpur – one promising model

After visiting hospitals in other developing countries, I expected the hospital in Jodhpur to be similar; similar in the sense that it would be dirty, overcrowded and unorganized. To my surprise, the hospital in Jodhpur was exactly the opposite. I … Read More

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Letter from Galapagos: luxury tourism, local health

[This blog post was sent in by Rachel Page, who graduated from UNC this spring with an MPH in Health Behavior and Health Education] Greetings from the Galapagos! I write this entry from the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito … Read More

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Are small farmers the answer? Bill Gates thinks so.

In a recent blog post, Bill Gates tells us that most of the world’s poorest people are small farmers who grow their own food and make money from their plots of land.  They often lack important tools and resources that … Read More

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