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Florence, Exavery, Katia: Patient portraits from Kenya

The door to the room is partially obscured by still-damp laundry hanging from a line in the alleyway adjacent to structure 53. A stream of human and animal waste courses through the mud on the threshold. Entry through the rough wooden door reveals a small dark room with a dirt floor chaotically and modestly furnished. A toddler and an infant sleep like spoons on a dingy bedsheet, and a coal-burning stove gutters weakly near the corrugated-metal external wall. Read More

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A special issue of the Lancet dedicated to malaria elimination

Last week, the Lancet published a special issue on malaria elimination.  There’s a good summary of the eight articles on our colleague Naman Shah’s blog, topnaman. For more on what IGHID is doing to combat malaria, read here, here, and … Read More

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Perception is everything: Americans and foreign aid

[This post sent in by Caitlin Riely Pardue who is a senior public policy major at UNC] For most Americans, improving international health is a top priority. When asked about foreign aid by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 6 in 10 … Read More

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“But you knew where you were going, and I didn’t”: making a movie in Malawi

[Post written by me, Lisa, your friendly blog editor] As communications director for IGHID, I spend a lot of time writing about and promoting UNC Project-Malawi, our flagship site in Lilongwe.  So needless to say I was thrilled when I … Read More

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Congrats to Naman Shah, malaria blogger extraordinaire, for winning a Soros fellowship

Naman Shah is a third-year MD/PhD student in the UNC School of Medicine.  He is also the man behind topnaman.com (see blogroll), one of only two malaria blogs on the web. The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship supports graduate studies … Read More

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A day in the life of a Malawian girl: a doctor’s perspective

[This post was submitted by UNC professor Ian B. K. Martin, MD. Martin is director of Global Emergency Medicine at UNC and recently returned from Malawi, where he was visiting UNC Project-Malawi and other organizations in Lilongwe.] Saturday, November 28, … Read More

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Always remember Malawi

[Post sent in from Malawi by UNC senior Cameron Taylor] “Always Remember Malawi” is what I was given yesterday on a sticky note from one of the fieldworkers. Yesterday was one of those sad “goodbye days” where we had to … Read More

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Recruiting for a malaria vaccine trial in Malawi – not quite what I expected

[Author Cameron Taylor (’10) is a Geography major at UNC.  She is spending a second summer in Malawi conducting research.] Upon first hearing about a malaria vaccine trial, you do not automatically think traditional birth attendants, but for an upcoming … Read More

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Will capitalism drive the future of global health?

Yesterday the institute co-sponsored (with Kenan-Flagler Business School) a lecture by Steven Phillips, the Medical Director for Global Issues and Projects at ExxonMobil, titled “Saving lives through the power of partnerships.” I think the very notion of business solutions to … Read More

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A rough introduction

[Author Lauren Galpin is a medpeds resident at UNC.] It is Sunday and I am sitting in the breezy living room of the UNC guesthouse which is just a five minute walk from Kamuzu Central Hospital where I am working. … Read More

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