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For the future of global health, the landscape is looking increasingly urban

[This post was sent in by. . .me, Lisa, your friendly IGHID blog editor.  HT to Pia MacDonald for bringing the article under discussion to my attention] I think for the general public, the term “global health” brings to mind … Read More

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Science, not science fiction: two flu drugs studied at UNC

[Originally posted on the UNC Health Care blog and penned by Clinton Colmenares] When Scott Pelley of “60 Minutes” asked HHS Secretary Katheleen Sebelius about political punditry critical of the public health response to novel H1N1, she pointedly said, “I … Read More

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UNC helps the state of North Carolina mobilize for swine flu

The institute is sending Dr. Arlene Seña-Soberano, associate professor of medicine at UNC and medical director of the Durham County Health Department to the state to assist with efforts related to swine flu (there are still no confirmed cases of … Read More

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