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UNC Grad Tackles STI Prevention in China

Amy Lee recently graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and has travelled to Guangzhou, China, for a research coordinator position with UNC Project-China. In this post, she shares a reflection on her first week on the job. I have never stepped … Read More

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Photos: Community Engagement Improves STD Testing and Treatment in Asia

Allison Mathews, PhD, is a postdoctoral research fellow at UNC. She leads 2BeatHIV, a research project examining the social and ethical aspects of research on curing HIV. She recently attended two symposiums in China about sexually transmitted disease prevention and … Read More

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UNC Delegation Visits Southern Medical University in China

Zhang Ye is the training coordinator at the UNC-South China STD Research Training Center. In this blog post, she shares the goals of a partnership between UNC and Southern Medical University in China. A 12-member delegation from UNC traveled to … Read More

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Experience at UNC Leads to New Job

Cheng Wang came to UNC as a Visiting Scholar from China. In this blog post, he reflects on how the year-long training gave him the skills he needed to return to China and land a new job. As a young … Read More

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Contest Asks Chinese to Define a Healthy City

Air pollution contributes to the deaths of nearly 1.6 million people a year or 4,400 a day die in China, according to a 2015 study. Just this year, environmental inspectors found that 14,000 companies in China failed to meet standards … Read More

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National health reform in China

The Chinese government recently released its National Health Reform Plan. One of the government’s  key academic advisors was Gordon Liu.  Liu is Chair of Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management’s Department of Health Economics and Management. He is also Adjunct … Read More

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The China century

Each month institute director Myron Cohen, MD writes a “Global Health Update” column for the UNC Global newsletter.   His most recent column focuses on the social and economic forces that have given rise to some of China’s biggest health … Read More

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Casting the first stone

Greetings from China. My name is Matt Avery, and I’m an MPH student at UNC doing my practicum on AIDS prevention practices in Guangxi province. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, which is … Read More

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