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Perception is everything: Americans and foreign aid

[This post sent in by Caitlin Riely Pardue who is a senior public policy major at UNC] For most Americans, improving international health is a top priority. When asked about foreign aid by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 6 in 10 … Read More

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We're not joking when we say ART saves lives: a powerful PSA

[Post written by me, Lisa, your friendly blog editor] It’s Friday (and the Friday before a long weekend in the U.S.), so I thought I’d share this powerful and inspiring public service announcement from the Topsy Foundation in South Africa. … Read More

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Things fall(ing) apart?

[Originally posted on the UNC Health Care blog] Stephanie wrote this… No, I am not talking about the Chinua Achebe novel, but did you happen to read the New York Times articles about the war on global AIDS and its … Read More

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AIDS in the U.S.: the patient profile has changed, so should testing practices

[Cross-posted from the UNC Health Care weblog] There is growing sentiment, and evidence, that attention to HIV and AIDS has shifted so far abroad, to Africa and in developing countries elsewhere, that Americans have overlooked a growing epidemic in our … Read More

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